A-PLANET 27" or 37" optional width


A-PLANET 27″ or 37″ optional width


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Contemporary Pattern, 100% nylon, Level Loop pile

Backing: Synthetic burlap type carpet back.
To view an enlargement of runner, click on picture above

Width: 27″ inches, Grey only ( Top right )
Price: $3.89 per Lineal foot
Width: 37″ inches, Green only Top left ).
Price: $4.89 per Lineal foot

The Berber color ( Bottom left ) Is discontinued, not available

Fractional lengths available. Call for details.

(When purchasing, it will ask you for “Quantity”,
indicate how many feet you want there, and it
will total the price)

Binding Ends/Optional: $12.00 both end, per runner.
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