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Ideal for Department store, Office Buildings, Restaurants or
Motel entry ways. Indoors or outdoors in
high traffic areas.

Colorfast even in direct sunlight.
Retains luster with luxurious
continuous filament fiber.
Absorbs 1 gallon of water per sq. yd.
Dries 3 times faster than other products
Extremely water resistant & resists crushing.
Easy to clean – vacuum, sweep or hose off.

Heather colors: Heather blue, Heather Brown, Heather Camel, Heather Charcoal, Heather, Green, Heather Red, Heather Walnut.

Backing: Non-staining vinly base with a 1 inch border on all
four sides
Widths available: 3ft, 4ft, or 6ft.
Price: $3.29 per Sq. ft.

If you wish to order special lengths over 25’ft up to 60’ft in length (Max.) in 3’ft, 4ft, or 6,ft widths
Select the custom feature in our shopping cart. And don;t forget to change the quantity box from 1 to the S/F you’re purchasing.

Ex: A 3′ x 15′ mat, your quantity would be Width X Length = 45 S/F.
Ex: A 4′ x 38′ mat, your quantity would be 4′ X 38′ = 152 S/F.
Ex: A 6′ x 27′ mat, your quantity would be 6′ X 27′ = 162 S/F.
Change the quantity from 1 in the cart to the amount of S/F you wish to purchase and the cart
will calculate the total price)

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